[WL::Techniek] activating new node Xant

Andrea Guzzo aguzzo at anywi.com
Sun Nov 30 23:18:08 CET 2008

Hi All,

Finally, with the help of Henk, I put the new node on my roof and  
powered it up.

First main issue was related to the local omni, I had to 'explicitly'  
set 'mode 11b'
when configuring the atheros through ifconfig. Now the question is  
what to put in
the wleiden.conf  (genesis) file to have this extra argument added  
when generating
rc.node.conf file (Actually I modified my configuration directly on  
the image).
I also had to link the SOM node instead of Vosko2 and I already  
committed configuration
changes on the svn.
I had an issue while trying to manually setup the link with SOM...  
once added the new
interface alias  it seems ospf wasn't so happy since routes to that  
node were lost :( .
After some minutes trying  to reach the node again from its  
neighbours, the box rebooted
and all links were restored (I didn't dig out to see if it was an  
automatic checkup script to
reboot the box or if someone noticed the problem and fixed it)
I then thought to push svn configuration and have the update script to  
apply all necessary
changes (I guess it has also to update ospf configuration and perhaps  
more) but at a first try
I didn't find /tools/config_update.sh on SOM node.
So I left its actual configuration untouched but it still has to be  
pushed on the node to have the
link up and running (what to do?).

Last but not least , the link to Cetim isn't working :( . It doesn't  
associate at all ...so perhaps it's an
antenna/pigtail/position related issue. In the next days I'm going to  
investigate trying to use that
antenna (or another antenna of the same type) from my laptop to see  
what is really reachable
from there (pity that scanning using the 'wi' driver doesn't seem to  
work properly .. it hangs
indefinitely with no output).


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