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#34: named out of swap space (test of image-r6873)
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Comment(by huub):

 Named is using a lot of memory: 15 MB immediately after startup which
 gradually increases to 30 MB.

 I have tried to minimize memory usage by modifying named.conf options as
 max-cache-size 5m;   // maximum cache size of 5 MB
 cleaning-interval 15;// clean cache every 15 minutes
 max-cache-ttl 60;    // limit cached record to a 60s TTL
 max-ncache-ttl 60;   // limit cache neg. resp. to a 60s TTL

 (this is suggested in DNS & BIND Cookbook, p.78)

 However this did not make any difference!
 Also running rndc flush does not reduce named memory usage on NodeHuub

 I also noted that on a FreeBSD6.0 node named only uses 9 MB (on nodeIMI,
 uptime 77 days).
 On NodeCeTIMs, FreeBSD 5.0, uptime 236 days,  I see following memory use:
 CeTIM 1, 2, and 3 respectively: 4.0 MB, 3.0 MB and 23.5 MB.

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