[WL::Techniek] Meshcom maakt mesh software open source

Huub Schuurmans huubsch at xs4all.nl
Thu Oct 22 10:19:02 CEST 2009

Is dit wat om mee te 'spelen' voor mesh / peer-to-peer ap's ?



Helsinki, Finland – October 21, 2009 – Meshcom Technologies today
announced its latest contribution to the global open source community
and wireless industry by releasing its previously proprietary Meshcom
MeshDriver software as open source and now available to everybody. The
software will be published available through EmbedOne, the open source
division of Meshcom. Meshcom also announced the future development of
MeshDriver will be EmbedOne community driven.

“MeshDriver can be implemented in any Wi-Fi device; from access points,
networked surveillance cameras and laptops to smart phones, cameras and
printers. It will provide ubiquitous connectivity and matches nicely
with recent news from Wi-Fi Alliance announcement of Wi-Fi direct to
enable peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connections. The solution enables users and
devices to see the other users around and interact with them – or
connect to devices through them – without any unnecessary
configurations”, said Marko Nieminen, VP of Engineering at EmbedOne.

MeshDriver is available for downloading to desktop and embedded Linux,
as well as Windows operating systems. Users and developers can find the
source code, discussion forums and related development tools available
from EmbedOne community starting from today at http://embedone.com

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