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Today at a meetup at Ripe NCC on community networks, one of the main
things is federation, which practically requires ipv6.

Some good news:

Getting PI is doing, but you need a sponsoring LIR (available) and you
can get a /48 PI for 50 euro a year. IF you do not use it to connect
end-users, but only for your own network (which I argue is true for us).

Becoming a LIR is affordable if you have enough people, cost is like
1600 a year, and 2k or so setup cost. But you can get a /29 which you
can split up.

For us, I'd think get one /48 for our network, provide /56 per location,
but suggest connecting collectives to get their own /48.

Tools wise, for doing IP management some suggested tools:

https://github.com/SpriteLink/NIPAP # Also used by coloclue
http://www.gestioip.net/            # co-developed in BCN
https://osl.uoregon.edu/redmine/projects/netdot # lots of features, not

Also a mentioned thing, we should watch out to not become an ISP, due to
legal nightmare and cost. I suggest we keep the focus on -inter-
connecting (.e.a. 'private' network, for anyone who joins).

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